Wedding Celebration

This is a time to celebrate! As you choose the family and friends with whom to share your momentous event, you will be creating a lasting memory which captures this important step in your life.  The elements of ceremony you choose will reflect your deep feelings for each other and in a manner that honors those in attendance.

As an Interfaith Minister, I help couples design the wedding ceremony which best portrays the essence of their courtship, relationship and intentions.If you are planning your wedding anywhere in the Triangle and its environs, I can help you create the wedding of your dreams.

The planning process is an easy, flexible one that puts the wishes of the matrimonial couple first. In a caring, capable way, together we then coordinate with the bridal party, family members, and any photographers, videographers and sound engineers who are involved. The result is the seamless, natural presentation you desire.

I have performed ceremonies of almost every kind. Being both a Minister and a professional Life Coach, I have spent many years listening and encouraging individuals and couples to communicate in their own heart language. Besides being multilingual, I try to speak the language of the soul.

My  studies at All Faiths Seminary International combined with decades of study of the Old and New Testament have given me a broad perspective and profound respect for diversity. Ceremony can be meaningful without being religious. Spirituality for some is found in nature, the arts, and community. In whatever way you experience and express your values, I would be happy to help you design a signature event uniquely your own.

Contact Linda as soon as possible to see if she is available for your wedding date/time and to set up a  consultation. Click here to contact Linda or call her at (919) 302-6280.


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