About Linda

I am known for my creative approach to ceremony and for my ability to connect. Many years of experience with other cultures as well as travels to Europe, Asia and South America have provided me with a rich, panoramic world view. I speak several languages and encourage every matrimonial pair to express themselves in the language and cultural form most natural to them.

In creating personalized weddings, my specialty is interfaith ceremonies which honor diverse backgrounds including those with a non-religious preference.

Jewish roots and a Unitarian upbringing started me on a lifelong exploration of spirituality. An intensive study of the Old and New Testaments has been complemented by hands-on practices including various Eastern meditation and yoga traditions as well as more than 30 years of active ministry and outreach. My studies at All Faiths Seminary International  have brought me full circle in embracing the validity of each individual’s search for sacred meaning. Beyond religion, meaning for many is found  in the arts; some find their deepest sense of spirituality in nature; others find it in family and community.

Ministry Credentials:

  •    Missions Diploma/ Stevens School of the Bible
  •    Ordination/ Christian Harvest Church
  •    Chaplain/ International Federation of Christian Chaplains
  •    Master of Divinity/ All Faiths Seminary International

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